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About Us

Paden Engineering and Detailing, LLC is the brainchild of Dennis K Schulz, a professional engineer with over 4 decades of experience in the steel industry. In fact, he has consulted for several technical organizations on the development of steel detailing software, supplying him an inside edge into the world of engineering not acquired by many. After building successful steel fabricating firms in the Midwest, he has expanded his reach into the Florida construction arena, bringing not only his knowledge, but that of his professionally developed team with him. Together, the Paden Engineering and Detailing firm brings more than 100 years of experience to the area.

In addition to professional detailing services, the PE&D team also has extensive, and valuable experience in all phases of the steel project process. From design capabilities to the detailing process, Paden Engineering and Detailing has worked in virtually all aspects of the industry.  This experience gives us a unique understanding of your firm's needs and allows us the ability to "see" the project from start to finish.

In addition to experience, PE&D utilizes the very latest technical tools available for completing your project. Detailing services are provided by way of the highly acclaimed SDS/2 system, and our computer programs are kept up to date with the very latest advances of the system. In the design arena, we use RAM Steel programming, which supplies your firm direct access to the most up to date system available.

When it comes to communication, PE&D's systems ensure prompt transfer of plans and drawings by way of the latest computer transfer programs, allowing instant access to shop drawings and engineering-specific information to keep your productivity at a greatest level. This system supplies valuable consistency in supporting a direct line between our detailers and your clients--helping to cut time and costly delays in project status.

Our experience boasts a myriad of projects:


*NCAA Hall of Champions, Indianapolis

*University of Kentucky, Lexington

*University of Louisville, Louisville

*Indiana University, Bloomington

*Ivy Tech College, Richmond/Madison/Indianapolis 

*Purdue University, Indianapolis, West Lafayette

*Disney World, Orlando

*Hard Rock Hotel at Universal Orlando

*Penn Color R&D, Pennsylvania

*ThyssenKrupp, Alabama